If you are looking for a Driving School in Hastings, a Driving School in Bexhill or a Driving School in St. Leonards it's important that you find a school that meets your requirements. Southern Driver Training are an established Driving School that has been teaching drivers in the Hastings, Bexhill and St. Leonards area for many years. James Parham and his colleagues have helped many learners achieve their driving success.

The Driving Standards Agency (the government department responsible for national driving standards) which carries out driving tests states that "Learning to drive is not just about passing a driving test, modern drivers must learn to be safe drivers for life".

The Driving Standards Agency recommends that learner drivers take tuition with an Approved Driving Instructor. It is possible to learn with a friend or relative BUT it is unlikely that anyone other than an driving school instructor will have the experience, knowledge and training to teach driving correctly. All instrcutors at our driving school have undergone special training and are examined regularly by supervising officials of the Driving Standards Agency to ensure a very high standard of ability to teach learner drivers.

Today with so much traffic on our roads for the driver to cope with after the driving test it is necessary not only to learn how to drive but also to gain sufficient experience of driving in traffic on various types of road and in varying weather conditions before the driving test. Hastings, Bexhill and the surrounding areas offer this our and our driving school will ensure you have confidence with each type of road and condition.

The DSA has issued a syllabus for learner drivers. This is a list of all the items which a learner should know or be able to do safely. Our driving school will make sure that everything it contains is covered. The DSA states that learner drivers should be taught by means of a properly planned learning method. This consists of a series of logical, systematic lessons. The lessons progress in easy stages from simple exercises to the most complex. At our Bexhill and Hastings Driving School we always take into account the fact that different learner’s progress at different rates.


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